Hitchin Bakehouse is a micro-bakery based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.  Run by Nick (the baker) and Johannah (the brains) Boggon, we produce a range of sourdoughs and other slowly made breads every Saturday.

We use organic ingredients where possible and do not use additives, enhancers or preservatives.  Our breads are made from stoneground flour, water, sea salt and either our ‘mother’ starter or fresh yeast.  The only other ingredients are natural flavours – nuts, seeds, olive oil, cheese, herbs.

The other major ingredient in our bread is time.  Time = taste.  The longer and slower you let dough develop, the more the flavour improves.  Our breads typically take anywhere between 12 and 18 hours to make, which produces a great tasting bread which keeps longer and has improved nutrition and digestibility.

Orders can be collected from our house or from the tea shop at Hawkins of Hitchin on Saturday mornings.  You’ll also find our bread for sale in a few local shops and on the menus of cafes and restaurants in the area.

We believe passionately in good, honest bread which is a mile away from the mass produced, additive-laden, flavourless, crustless loaves that are sold in supermarkets and most chain bakeries.  We are proud to support the Real Bread Campaign who fight for better bread in Britain.